Faces of Christ art exhibit

Posted by Dindrane on February 26, 2007 in art, links, religion |

This gallery has a number of interesting artists’ renditions of the face and body of Christ. I’m always fascinated how people imagine and picture the Holy within themselves, and how we, as artists, strive to depict the essentially un-depictable, from ideas of Deity or other abstracts, to emotional states, etc etc.

cheap eats: macaroni salad

Posted by Dindrane on February 26, 2007 in food, frugal living |

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for easy, cheap food to make, since a lower grocery bill equals more money for paints, silver leaf, etc. So here’s what I made for lunch, and as it’s almost infinitely customizable, it should keep you fueled and ready to paint for a long time: Note that all […]

refilling the well

Posted by Dindrane on February 20, 2007 in art, recommendations |

Some artists have the idea of too many ideas to work on and end up confused, exhausted, and only semi-productive, but others find themselves recreating the same thing over and over and want to work on something new. So how do you refill that well? Here are some ideas I’ve gleaned from books, artists, psychologists, […]

art quote

Posted by Dindrane on February 19, 2007 in art |

What interests me is to paint the kind of antisensitivity that impregnates modern civilization. -Roy Lichtenstein

Knowing your work as “finished” and “successful”

Posted by Dindrane on February 16, 2007 in art |

Genesis tells us that the Judeo-Christian god, after having made the world, looked at it and knew that it was Good. How do we do that as artists, when we look at what we’ve created? When we finish that short story, collage, gourmet meal, or ballet, how do we know that it’s really done and […]

developing your own color palette

Posted by Dindrane on February 15, 2007 in art, recommendations |

Learning how to combine and use colors can be a trial. Whether you work with fabric, paint, paper, yarn, or anything else, this website and series of lessons can help us by taking us through the process of making a “color journal.” What’s better is that it’s not expensive, is personalizable so the art to […]

best paperback fiction books you probably haven’t read

Posted by Dindrane on February 12, 2007 in literary, recommendations |

Some of these are out of print, but should be findable via used bookstores, Amazon.com, or Powells.com. Best Paperback (Mostly) Fantasy Fiction Books You Probably Haven’t Read…Yet Featherstroke: Sydney Van Scyoc, Avon Books, March 1989, ISBN: 0-380-75438-X slow to get started, but focuses a girl, a war, and a hawk. Extremely well-crafted The High House: […]

GOOD music for a change…

Posted by Dindrane on February 8, 2007 in art, recommendations |

For an excellent eclectic musical podcast, check out RANDOMwerks. You might hear Prince, David Bowie, and the Smiths, and then Billie Holliday or someone you’ve never heard of, but will enjoy. The best part is that you can subscribe via iTunes and just stream it from your computer as you work–no need to change CDs […]

Today’s haiku

Posted by Dindrane on February 8, 2007 in daily haiku |

Cat hair dust bunnies– How so fast they get so large? Oh yeah–three kittens.

welcome back

Posted by Dindrane on February 7, 2007 in art |

Wow, it’s been an amazingly awfully long time since I last updated this site. It’s a bother having the LiveJournal to keep track of friends, plus life making me write all the time. I’m going to renew my commitment to this site, basically with an eye to using it for a craft/art blog–like there aren’t […]

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