mailboxes don’t have to be boring

Posted by Dindrane on November 28, 2007 in art, challenge, links |

No, maybe these aren’t all “art,” but they’re fun: “Weird” mailboxes What would your ideal mailbox look like? Design one that says something about you, your artwork, and your aesthetic! (though of course in my area, I have to worry about rednecks with baseball bats either ruining my work or breaking their arm on my […]

challenge: three versions of one photo

Posted by Dindrane on November 13, 2007 in art, challenge, links |

The Distraction Lab blog has an interesting entry today about painting three different versions of a chosen photo. This is an excellent idea/challenge; you could do as they did, using matching, complementary, and then triad colors, or you could just try different styles of painting, such as abstract, pointillist, etc., or using different media even. […]

great ideas for 2008?

Posted by Dindrane on November 4, 2007 in alerts, challenge, links |

Idea the First: I really like this idea: 50 Crafty Projects in 2007. The blogger basically did just that–made 50 crafty things over the course of the year and posted her results. I’d like to try that for next year; it would basically be just about 4 items per month. Art or craft would apply, […]

AB project ideas

Posted by Dindrane on October 31, 2007 in art, challenge, links |

Suite 101 has an interesting article about adding niches, nooks, and more to altered books. There are only a few ideas, but they’re almost infinitely customizable and useful; besides, they might inspire yet more ideas in your mind for your own projects. What ideas does this list inspire in you? How about these ideas from […]

Today’s Interesting Links

Posted by Dindrane on October 24, 2007 in challenge, links |

This is kind of an interesting project: it’s the year in a life of Geek +Nerd’s closet. Every day, she posts a picture of what she actually wore that day. Trystan? You up for this? The idly curious, the bored, the servants of the Man, the fashion-challenged–all would be fascinated. Everyone needs their own personal […]

R.I.P. II Autumn Reading Challenge

Posted by Dindrane on October 14, 2007 in alerts, challenge, Halloween, links, literary |

Why, why am I just now hearing about this: R.I.P II Autumn Reading Challenge? It’s a phenomenal way to celebrate the Halloween season, as well as get some great books read that you’ve been meaning to look into. But it’s not too late! You basically only have to read 4 books, or 2 long books, […]

Zentangles, a link, and a challenge

Posted by Dindrane on October 14, 2007 in art, challenge, links |

Another good site found by Nancy Ward over at Paper Friendly: Zentangle Zentagles, explained at length on the site, are basically a way to divide a paper (or any surface, really) into segments, and then work on each segment at a time. The examples are mostly pen & ink, but I don’t see why you […]

Fabric Postard Festivities! + a challenge

Posted by Dindrane on October 12, 2007 in art, cats, challenge |

I have just joined a very interesting and creative group called Tiny Traders, which makes and sends to each other fabric postcards. I was invited by one of the supremely talented and imaginative members (who shall remain nameless for now, since I don’t know if she wants her name broadcasted on the InterTubes); and since […]

short story by sam512

Posted by Dindrane on October 10, 2007 in challenge, links, literary, Uncategorized |

Interesting example of short fiction: The story was inspired by one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite authors: Jorge Luis Borges, as you know from my sig file. :) Not sure what a “nodeshell challenge” is, but it would be interesting if we could all challenge each other with quotes such […]

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